Saturday, February 20, 2016

1975 KAWASAKI 900 Z1B

I began trying to sell my 1975 Kawasaki 900 Z1B a few years ago, but I eventually came to realize it's worth a lot more to me than to anyone else. In 2017 I invested lots of time and money in updating and refreshing it, so I'll keep riding my Z1 for another five or ten years.

I bought my bike on May 12, 1975 and it was a very fun summer!

The 1975 sale price of $2,676, when adjusted for inflation, is the equivalent of $12,175 in 2017.

Over the years I have replaced exhaust pipes, tires, shocks, batteries, and had the frame repainted. This bike is definitely not stock; it has an oil cooler and crash bars that I added in the 70s, new mirrors, a new seat cover, all new electrical wiring, a 3rd set of shocks, and new sprockets and chain that were added recently.

The engine is Z1E 065235 and the frame is Z1F-65051.

Just one owner, just 32K+ miles, never been down and runs better than ever!

Click here to watch my ride on Mulholland Hwy West to the Pacific Ocean.

I still have two Z1 shop manuals and the original documentation, plus a Kawasaki Motorcycle Ramp.

You can view more videos on my CoonToonStudios YouTube channel. The video quality got better as I used better video cameras and editors. Click on any of these videos…
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2013: On The Road Again
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2016: Canyon ride on Mulholland Hwy West to the Pacific Ocean – 4K

If you’re interested in owning this vintage bike and can pick it up in Westlake Village, CA please email me at

If you’re interested in owning a brand new 2018 Kawasaki retro Z900RS bike check out the new model. Pretty cool, and I'm sure much better than the original, unless you don't like the non-retro look of the back wheel/fender. And I'm glad they finally got it right with a 4 into 1 exhaust!
Photo from Vickery Motorsports, Denver, CO.